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About Us


Three generations of our family live and work on Pleasant Vale Farm, which is nestled in the heart of the Virginia Piedmont.  Settled in 1768, the land and buildings undoubtedly are holders to a treasure trove of historical tales.

For the last 20 years, Pleasant Vale Farm has been raising cattle for both beef and a cow-calf operation.  In more recent years pigs have been added to our family farm.  


Our approach to farming is small-scale and high-quality. All of our animals are raised as a part of our family in a humane and natural setting. They all have access to free-range environments and are never confined indoors or on finishing lots, receive high quality and natural feeds, and have natural forage as the primary component of their diet. They do not receive preventative antibiotics or any growth hormones. Our herds are small so the animals are not stressed and have access to ample food, water, and space.


Our mission is to raise happy, healthy, pasture-raised meats to nourish your family. We believe in giving our animals the best and healthiest lives possible so that they provide your family with the taste and nutrients they need to thrive and enjoy life.

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