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What our customers have to say...


Joe F.

Seared pork shops for 1 min on each side for 8 mins, then basted in sage butter (our homemade) fresh sage and garlic.  Best pork chop I've ever had. Absolutely exquisite.


Shannon D.

Excellent sausage, the best we've ever had!

We love the rosemary garlic sausage - can't wait for more!


Katherine P.

The garlic rosemary sausages are delicious- lean and flavorful, with just the right amount of herbal punch - pairs well with Caesar Salad!



Quyen V. 

The turkey was so delicious and juicy my family was fighting over it!


The meat is unbelievable!  We tried the pork chops on Sunday and was amazed by the flavor!


Chris C.

The boys devoured them! Sooooooo good! Served the breakfast sausages on Sunday glazed with maple syrup for a brunch with friends and everyone loved them. And the ham made it into the Christmas table this year, roasted and glazed! Totally devoured.  -Chris C. 



This is the best burger I've ever had! 

Sam K.

Thank you for sharing the sausage, I made sausage and gravy - it was the best ever!

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