Black Angus Beef

Our black Angus cattle are humanely raised on wide-open pastures, eating a grass-based diet. Born here on the farm they grow up luxuriating in the sun.  Depending on the time of year they receive some supplemental grain create helps create an ideal balance of fat and meat - and keeps the cows extra happy. 

Buy Now

Call or text 540-905-2580 or click here to send an email. We will pack your order and let you know when it is ready for pick up.  You can view our inventory and prices by clicking here.

Buying a Side of Beef

Stock your freezer and save money with a  half or whole beef.  Pricing is: 

$5.25/pound hanging weight plus processing fees.  You select the cuts at the time of ordering. Our next available steers will be ready in April 2021.


We work with a number of small, local restaurants and caterers.  Please call or email to discuss pricing and availability.