Berkshire Pork

We raise Berkshire pigs, lauded as restaurant-quality pork. 

In fact, there have been numerous taste tests, studies and general research done on Berkshire pigs. They all say that Berkshire pork is genetically predisposed to produce the finest quality pork due to its shorter muscle fibers and lots of marbling, which contributes to both the flavor and the tenderness. They also say that the reason Berkshire pork is so juicy and tender is the lack of stress on the animal. Stress causes the meat to be dry and tough. Our pigs are pasture-raised, coming and going from their shelter as they please.  Their diet consists of grass, roots, grains, and frequent yummy treats! 

Purchase Options

Pork can be purchased in three ways:

  1. A la carte (see pricing below)

  2. By the whole or half hog (see whole hog FAQs below)

Whole Hog Purchasing FAQs

Question: How much does it cost?


Answer: The total cost depends on how much you order.  We charge $5.25 per pound of hanging weight.  Our pigs will likely weigh between 225 - 275 pounds so they will have a hanging weight of approximately 185 pounds.  The cost of your meat, including a $.85 processing cost, would be $1100 for a whole hog. *Note* Customer is also responsible for any costs associated with curing selections (i.e. bacon, ham, and sausage).


Question: How much meat will I get?


Answer: A whole pig of the size we produce will yield about 125 - 150 pounds of meat.  


Question: How much space do I need for storing my meat?


Answer:  You will need approximately 1 cubic foot of freezer space per 30 pounds of meat.  A whole hog would require 3-5 cubic feet of freezer space.


Question: What cuts of met will I receive?


Answer: You will be able to choose your cuts when you place your order.   Here is an example of what you might get:


  • 18 lbs pork chops, 4 lbs spare ribs, 12 lbs sausage, 24 lbs ham, 20 lbs bacon, 12 lbs shoulder butt roasts, 14 lbs shoulder picnic, 16 lbs bone/trimmings, 30 lbs fat = 150 lbs

  • 7 lbs pork chops, 8 lbs sausage, 24 lbs ham, 20 lbs bacon, 17 lbs pork roast, 16 lbs picnic and shoulder butts, 7 lbs misc cuts, 5 lbs salt pork, 31 lbs fat = 135 lbs

  • 23 lbs pork chops, 6 lbs spare ribs, 18 lbs ground sausage, 30 lbs ham, 16 lbs bacon, 20 lbs shoulder roast, 8 lbs butt roast, 10 lbs stew bones, 16 lbs fat = 147 lbs

  • 23 lbs pork chops, 6 lbs spare ribs, 9 lbs sausage, 28 lbs ham, 23 lbs bacon, 9 lbs boston butt, 12 lbs picnic roast, 23 lbs fat = 133 lbs

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